Everybody and anybody has the right to enjoy my pictures. In the street, my work is largely hidden and that’s why exhibitions are so important in getting my paintings seen by a wider audience .


Commissions are something I’m recently doing a lot more of, contact me if you would like me to be involved in your project.

Book Illustration

Working together with authors in realising their work is a massive challenge, one that I find really enjoyable and fulfilling.

Nurseries and Children’s Rooms

At the end of the day, kids need to able to retreat to a safe and welcoming refuge – creating such an environment is something I always strive towards when decorating children’s’ rooms.

Political Caricatures

Critiquing politicians, political life and dominant ideologies is a major part of both my street art and the work I have done for print publications

Voluntary Work

Making money is not my priority and I am more than willing to undertake work on a voluntary basis – art is my passion, I draw for pleasure


Street art competitions are something I get involved in occasionally; doing well is a vindication of my work and is especially satisfying when there is a strong field lined up against me.


I compete sometimes. When I win, especially if it’s a very strong field, it’s cool.


Gifts and Mementoes

If you want to give somebody a unique memory or keepsake, don’t hesitate to contact me and have a chat.


I’m Valér Fekete-SIOR. I have been drawing all my life but only began my graffiti career in adolescence, although creating street art remains a central part of my life. Painting is my passion- a place of refuge. Every day I try to get out and paint and not just on the street, I paint it all: murals, nurseries, walls, discarded objects, old furniture, windows - anything that crosses my path can become a canvas. I suppose it’s like an addiction and in the past I found the adrenalin and notoriety of being a street artist intoxicating. But now with three children, priorities have shifted as have the messages I try to convey with my work. I’m not a street soldier anymore yet I still love to paint. Literature, history, graffiti, fine art, current affairs and politics all inform my work. Sometimes it seems there is a path already laid out for me to follow and as I do 1000s of images are left in my wake, images that appear to say something to those who view them because they always ask for more.

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